my readymade

I was assigned to post a blog about my Ready made project so here it is. My ready made probably be a little different from everyone else ready made project. I added more Creativity to my ready made, i didn’t want my plastic bottle to be a plastic bottle i wanted to use my plastic bottle as a flower base. My ready made is kinda related to Duchamp’s ready made. Dushamp will find objects and make it seem like if it was something else. For example, In 1917, Duchamp had found a urinal and turn it upside down as if the urinal was fountain. He call it the fountain because if the urinal  was on, the water would shoot out in the air like a fountain would. With my ready made, I used my plastic bottle as if it was a flower vase. The bottle is clear like a glass vase and have a slightly curve at the bottle part like a vase. Bottles comes in unique shapes just like a flower vase comes in different unique shapes. That’s the reason why I added flowers to the vase to show that its not just a plastic bottle or use for drinking , it also can be use or see as a flower vase. While the vase does not have a meaning to it, the roses have meaning to it. The roses represent Maturity and growth. The rose in the middle represent Childhood/teenage years(0-17). The rose on the left represent Adulthood(18-64). The rose on the right represent aging/death(65+). The roses shows that a child blossoms into adulthood and adults will start to age and died. I took some pictures while i was doing this project.

Therse are the tools that i use for making my roses(also uses straws, brown paint, perfume) i had so much fun making them.


Hello my name is Zoie Sanders Cobb and I am a student at holy cross college. I was born and raised in the north side of Chicago then move to the south side when I was in high school. I am majoring in graphic design/ visual arts. I love to draw , i love to paint, I love art ;-). At first I wanted to become a scientist but my math skills are not so great so i decided to do graphic design/illustration.  I started drawing when I was eight years old but didn’t start taking it seriously until my junior year. I originally was going to attend Columbia college(which is one of the top art schools in the us) but it was too expensive so I decided to attend Holy Cross.The reason why I register for visual literacy because learn more about artists and have a better understanding what does art actually mean. I believe the concept of visual literacy is to learn and understand what image is saying. For an example you probably see a picture of a skeleton and a baby, the image has a meaning its not just picture of skeleton and a baby. I am expecting to learn more about the artists and what their images are saying. Every artists has their own style and what their work represent or mean. I am not nervous about learning something because one I love art so i’m confident about it and two some things we’re covering are stuff i learned from senior year. I not nervous about blogging either, i actually thought about blogging since so many artists do blogging. I think My blog project will show how much i am interested in art and how much worker i am.   I am looking forward to become a graphic designer/illustrator after I graduate!


On Friday, it was my birthday so i decided to spend my Weekend in Chicago. So i left Friday around 1:50pm and didn’t return until today. I did so much stuff on my birthday; we to a restaurant in downtown, visit some families, got my hair done,  etc. There be times where i get homesick ( which everyone gets when they’re away from home) and there times i be like i rather stay here, its more peaceful. The things I missed about Chicago are the the restaurants , having more things to do like going shopping and hanging around at park, and the museums especially the shed aquarium. The only thing i do not missed is the gang violence. Gang violence has been a major problem in Chicago especially in the south side. Because of violence, i am considering leaving Chicago after college but at the same time I don’t want to leave my family so basically i don’t know where I’m going to live after college.

that’s pretty much about it, its a short blog anyway!
I was originally was going do this blog on Friday but my internet started acting crazy -_-